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The Official E-Zine of Falcon Studios Group August 1, 2014
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Member Updates

Check the listings in your Television Provider’s Adult HD OnDemand Menu for:

California Dreamin’ HD – The OnDemand HD Release of Falcon Studios’ California Dreamin’ 1 Starring: Ryan Rose, Ray Han, Donnie Dean, Liam Magnuson, Angel Rock, Adam Wirthmore, Ray Diaz, Lance Luciano.

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James Ryder
Brian Bonds
Jimmy Durano
Damien Crosse
Ryan Rose
Landon Conrad
Member Updates
Intensity, Part 1: Landon Conrad & Rylan Knox - 8/4/2014
San Francisco Meat Packers, Pt. 1: Landon Conrad & Adam Wirthmore - 8/6/2014
Turn It Up: Lance Luciano & Chris Bines - 8/8/2014
Lowdown Dirty: Alexander Garrett & Dale Cooper - 8/11/2014
San Francisco Meat Packers, Pt. 2: Angel Rock & Chris Bines - 8/13/2014
Intensity, Part 1: Connor Maguire & Adrian Hart - 8/15/2014
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Into Darkness: Boomer Banks & Shawn Wolfe - 8/4/2014
Ready to Fuck: Landon Conrad & Adrian Hart - 8/6/2014
Under My Skin, Pt. 1: Christian Wilde & James Ryder - 8/8/2014
Want It Now: FX Rijos & Nova Rubio - 8/11/2014
Ready to Fuck: Ryan Rose & Nick Sterling - 8/13/2014
Under My Skin, Pt. 1: Trenton Ducati & Seven Dixon - 8/15/2014
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Fisting Central: Kevin Williams & Jeff Palmer - 8/7/2014
Daddyz Boyz: Draven Torres & Armand Rizzo - 8/14/2014
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Horseplay: Brandon Jones, Mike DeMarko & Dylan Knight - 8/4/2014
The Guys Next Door, Pt. 2: Landon Conrad & Marcus Mojo - 8/11/2014
Trunks 8: Fabio Stallone & Sean Duran - 8/14/2014
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Hole Sweet Hole: Francois Sagat & Sean Harris - 8/11/2014
Enlist Your Fist: Armond Rizzo & Sean Duran - 8/14/2014
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– Intensity, Part 2
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Intensity builds. It swells, it overcomes, it makes hot studs surrender to relentless compulsions, seeking out passionate, manly sex. For Intensity, Part 2, directors Bruno Bond and Nick Foxx turn up the heat under eight models whose smoldering sexuality builds up to an explosion of sweat, spit, and cum.

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Draven Torres

Featured ModelDraven Torres is a sexy, inked-up and fearlessly kinky stud with strong, bulging muscles, a perfectly rounded ass, and gorgeous thick lips that meet in an eager smile. His recent three-way scene in Raging Stallion’s Under My Skin, Part 2 is the latest addition to an impressive resume that already includes career-defining appearances for Fetish Force and Raging Stallion.

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Breaking News

Chris Ward Announces Creation of Falcon Studios Group

Chris Ward, President of Falcon Studios, Raging Stallion Studios and recently acquired Hot House Entertainment, has announced the creation of Falcon Studios Group. The new umbrella organization is home to three of the most successful brands in the history of gay adult entertainment and all of the video lines associated with those brands.

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Trunks 8: David Benjamin & Mitch Vaughn
Scene Download Scene Download
Turn It Up:
Jimmy Durano & Ricky Decker
Under My Skin, Pt. 1:
Damien Crosse & Nick Cross
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The Slate

Hey Fans,

August is HOT, and with the recent acquisition of the high-qaulity studio, we’re making August Hot House Month. That being said, it’s only appropriate to make the August 1st issue of HUNT, the Hot House issue.

Before we get into all the amazing things that Hot House has to offer, we have some Breaking News that’s related to adding this new studio to our ranks. With Hot House joining Falcon & Raging Stallion, we’ve created a new umbrella organization. Learn more about the Falcon Studios Group, the world’s largest producer of all-male erotica, in Breaking News.

As of today, the Falcon Studios Group Store now has every Hot House title available, and nearly every one of them will be on sale for the entire month of Hot House August. Check out the sale banner below or visit the Hot House, Backroom Exclusive, Pack Attack and Hot House Collections sale on the store directly by clicking here. Keep an eye out for other Hot House promotions during the entire month of August. and are the new additions to our membership site lineup and we’re offering you 50% off your membership for the entire month of August as well. You’ll notice we’ve added information about upcoming membership site updates and hot membership scenes now available in this issue, and they’ll become a permanent fixture in every issue going forward.

To learn even more about Hot House, visit the Special Feature The Exclusive Chris Ward Hot House Interview, where he talks about how he got his start at Hot House and where he plans on taking the studio and Falcon Studios Group.

Falcon’s newest release, Intensity, Part 2 is in the Free Action Gallery and inked star from Raging Stallion’s Under My Skin, Part 2 Draven Torres appears in this issue’s Model Spotlight.

If you love hot exclusives like we do, then you’ll love this issues’s Studio News with items introducing the three newest exclusives for Falcon Studios Group: David Benjamin, Brian Bonds and the newcomer, Johnny V. Also in Studio News, we’re covering the new Hard Friction title, Balls Deep.

In addition to Hot House DVDs being on sale we’re providing you with JOCKS Download Deals for a limited time, so click here or on the sale banner to get the most recent JOCKS scenes for only $4.95 each.

And just because we love all our fans, we’ve got the always popular Free Scene Download for you to have as your very own. Get a eyeful of Roman Ragazzi and Aaron Action from The Fifth Floor, which is now available on the The Roman Ragazzi Anthology, the definitive collection of scenes from one of the hottest Raging Stallion models of all time.


The HUNT Staff

Falcon Studios
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Special Feature

Exclusive Chris Ward Hot House Interview

Chris Ward is a singular figure in gay erotica. After getting his start directing for Hot House, building Raging Stallion, and merging with Falcon Studios, his career has come full circle with the recent acquisition of Hot House Entertainment. These three studios now comprise the new Falcon Studios Group, the world’s largest producer of all-male erotica. In this exclusive interview, Ward tells us about his journey from fledgling director to Falcon Studios Group President.

Click here to read the full Interview.

Studio News

Brian Bonds Signs on as a Falcon & Raging Stallion Exclusive - Gay adult giant Falcon & Raging Stallion Studios announced that it has signed a long-term agreement with Brian Bonds to appear exclusively in Falcon, Raging Stallion and Hot House features. With the deal, Bonds joins the studios’ growing list of Exclusives. Already well-known for his numerous, fearless kink performances… Read Full Story

Falcon & Raging Stallion Ink Exclusive Deal with David Benjamin - Falcon & Raging Stallion Studios announced they have inked an agreement with hot newcomer David Benjamin to join the ranks of Falcon and Raging Stallion Exclusives. The strikingly handsome stud will make his Falcon & Raging Stallion debut in the Falcon Edge title, Crave, available on September 1… Read Full Story

Introducing Johnny V – The Newest Falcon & Raging Stallion Exclusive - The world’s largest producer of all-male adult erotica, Falcon & Raging Stallion Studios, announced today that it finalized an exclusive agreement with newcomer Johnny V. The handsome, muscled, emerging star will only appear in Falcon Studios, Raging Stallion and Hot House features for the duration of the deal. Read Full Story

Hard Friction Releases ‘Balls Deep’ - When two guys each want what the other has, it ignites a fire that can’t be extinguished until asses are filled Balls Deep with some of the heftiest cocks around. This action-packed sex fest, from Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond’s Hard Friction line, brings you full-strength fucking fueled by explosively hot pairings. Read Full Story

Free Scene Download Download Now!
Roman Ragazzi and Aaron Action from The Fifth Floor
Now Available on The Roman Ragazzi Anthology

Free Download!Aaron Action is working away with Roman Ragazzi watching in the shadows. Roman’s body is bathed in a beautiful blue light that accents his muscles and the bulge in his pants. Roman emerges and grabs Aaron and they strip from their clothes. These two men are beautiful, big muscles and hair everywhere. They grab and grope each other and slowly get naked, allowing the chance to study every curve and the hard lines of their abs…

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